Sponsorship Benefits

THE OPPORTUNITY:  The Science-Engineering-Technology Working Group’s (SETWG) STEM on the Hill™ Exhibit is part of its 22nd annual two-day event.  It brings 400 + scientists, engineers, researchers, educators & students, and technology executives to Washington to raise awareness of and support for R&D and STEM education for science, engineering, and technology.  STEM on the Hill is coordinated by a coalition of professional societies, companies and educational institutions.

The Exhibit kicks off the overall STEM on the Hill™ Event — more than one-thousand meetings with Members of Congress and staff to discuss the importance of scientific and engineering research and development (R&D) and the importance of STEM Education in developing adequate STEM talent for our country’s economic success. It’s a great way for us to connect with elected officials and staff.

CVD Exhibits for 2017 include demonstration-based exhibitions educating Members of Congress and their staffs about products, breakthroughs, discoveries and innovations created through federallyfunded R&D and STEM Education / STEM Talent creation.  Tables cost $750 per table and funds support the overall STEM on the Hill™ event and the George E. Brown Awards Program.

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